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Istinye University is growing day by day with more than 6000 graduates, 12000 students and more than 1,000 academic and administrative staff. As the Alumni Relations Office, we aim to strengthen bonds of our graduates with each other, current students and with the university. In order to increase solidarity and improve our communication, we aim to implement events such as “networking” meetings, new projects and initiatives that we will meet with you throughout the year.

As Istinye University Alumni Relations Office, we aim to be in cooperation with you in your lifelong development journey by always standing by our esteemed graduates with the idea that the bond with Istinye does not end with a diploma, it continues for a lifetime.

Below, you can review some of our office services and activities.


The Alumni Card is a card that is prepared by the Istinye University Alumni Relations Office and can be requested after graduation.

Our graduates can enter all Istinye University campuses with their ISU Alumni Card. Just like in student life, one can benefit from all the facilities on campus.

Also with this card you can benefit from discounts from more than 50 Master's programs that will contribute to your professional and academic development.

Also special discounts provided by the companies with ahs a contract with the Alumni Relations Office is available.

You can obtain the alumni card by applying at




ISU NETWORK Platform aims to create a strong network among our graduates and also is at the service of students as well.  With this platform, you can reach and connect with all Istinye-related people you know or have not met yet. You can establish Istinye alumni groups, join existing groups or even be a part of new collaborations. You can follow the job postings offered to Istinye graduates and apply online. You can also be informed about the events and take place if you please.



This program is a volunteer-based project that Istinye graduates can share their personal and career development experience to Istinye students who are open to development and learning. While it offers our students the opportunity to get to know business life closely, it also provides our graduates with the opportunity to get to know the new generation and develop new relationships.

Program applications will be received in the near future via


Why Should I Apply?

  • Contribution to Mentees
    • Gains knowledge and experience in career choices
    • Increases self-confidence and motivation
    • Accesses New Resources
    • Shares common ground with alumni
  • Contribution to Mentors
    • Seizes the opportunity to transfer knowledge
    • Develops the network
    • Develops leadership skills
    • Gets to know the next generation better
  • Mentee Basic Criteria
    • Being a 3rd or 4th year student for faculties (preferably)
    • All students for vocational schools
    • Willingness to meet 2-3 hours per month
  • Mentor Key Criteria 
    • To be a Istinye graduate,
    • Volunteer for 2-3 hours of interviews per month
    • Be willing to support students on their career path as a graduate


Alumni Relations Office, values making field visits to our graduates working in companies and institutions operating in different sectors.

The main purposes of our alumni visits are;

  • Keeping the Istinye bond strong
  • To enable our graduates to present their knowledge and experience in the sector with students and new graduates
  • Announcing the projects and achievements of the graduates to the Istinye family

Our graduates, who can provide support in this direction by hosting us, can send a message to the Alumni Relations Office on the platform.

We host our graduates at our university and bring them together with students from their departments. While our graduates share their business experiences with our students, our students have the opportunity to ask questions about the business world they will be involved after graduation.

Our graduates who would like to participate in our alumni talks can send an e-mail to